2004/3/2 -- List of 55 ERIC Digests

Document Name Document Title 

ED477606  Supporting Early Literacy Development in Family Child Care Settings. ERIC Digest.

ED477607  Evaluating and Selecting Online Magazines for Children. ERIC Digest.  

ED477608  Mass Communication: Technology Use and Instruction. ERIC Digest.  

ED477609  Exploring the Function of Heroes and Heroines in Children's Literature from around the World. ERIC Digest.  

ED477610  The Evolving Status of Photojournalism Education. ERIC Digest.  

ED477611  Learning through Discussion: Designing Tasks for Critical Inquiry and Reflective Learning. ERIC Digest.  

ED477612  Literacy Instruction through Communicative and Visual Arts. ERIC Digest.  

ED477613  Using Drama and Theatre To Promote Literacy Development: Some Basic Classroom Applications. ERIC Digest.  

ED477614  The Impact of Electronic Communication on Writing. ERIC Digest.  

ED477616  Technology Professional Development: Successful Strategies for Teacher Change. ERIC Digest.  

ED477640  Self-Regulation and School Readiness. ERIC Digest.  

ED477641  Young Children's Emotional Development and School Readiness. ERIC Digest.  

ED477723  Implications of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 for Teacher Education. ERIC Digest.  

ED477724  The Preparation and Professional Development of Teachers of English Language Learners. ERIC Digest.  

ED477725  National Standards for Athletic Coaches. ERIC Digest.  

ED477726  Understanding and Preventing Teacher Burnout. ERIC Digest.  

ED477727  Multiple Points of Entry into Teaching for Urban Communities. ERIC Digest.  

ED477728  Selecting and Retaining Teacher Mentors. ERIC Digest.  

ED477729  Positive Character Development in School Sport Programs. ERIC Digest.  

ED477730  The National Council on Teacher Quality: Expanding the Teacher Quality Discussion. ERIC Digest.  

ED477731  Professional Development of Principals. ERIC Digest.  

ED477732  Telecommunications Distance Learning and Teacher Preparation. ERIC Digest.  

ED477829  Emerging Challenges for Community Colleges. ERIC Digest.  

ED477830  Overcoming Senior Slump: The Community College Role. ERIC Digest.  

ED477906  Teaching Artistically Able Students with Exceptionalities. ERIC Digest.  

ED477908  Hispanic Students and Community Colleges: A Critical Point for Intervention. ERIC Digest.  

ED477909  Building an Instructional Framework for Effective Community College Developmental Education. ERIC Digest.  

ED477910  Understanding Faculty: A Step toward Improving Professional Development Programs. ERIC Digest.  

ED477911  Student Involvement in the Community College Setting. ERIC Digest.  

ED477912  Professional Development: Leading Organizational Change in Community Colleges. ERIC Digest.  

ED477913  Counseling Non-Traditional Students at the Community College. ERIC Digest.  

ED477914  Enrollment Trends in Community Colleges. ERIC Digest.  

ED478061  Improving Graduation Outcomes for Migrant Students. ERIC Digest.  

ED478098  After-School and Community Technology Education Programs for Low-Income Families. ERIC Digest.  

ED478248  The Mandate To Help Low-Performing Schools. ERIC Digest.  

ED478348  Mathematics Achievement in Rural Schools. ERIC Digest.  

ED478408  Indicators of Teacher Quality. ERIC Digest.  

ED478564  Understanding Sensory Integration. ERIC Digest.  

ED478711  Teaching Fractions: New Methods, New Resources. ERIC Digest.  

ED478712  Teaching about Ecosystems. ERIC Digest.  

ED478713  Finding Mathematics Teachers. ERIC Digest.  

ED478714  Fundamental Skills in Science: Observation. ERIC Digest.  

ED478715  Learning Science through Design. ERIC Digest.  

ED478716  Teaching about the Life and Health of Cells. ERIC Digest.  

ED478717  Systems Theory and the Earth Systems Approach in Science Education. ERIC Digest.  

ED478718  Open Questions in Science Education. ERIC Digest.  

ED478719  Open Questions in Mathematics Education. ERIC Digest.  

ED478947  Intergenerational Learning and Social Capital. ERIC Digest.  

ED478948  Health Literacy beyond Basic Skills. ERIC Digest.  

ED478949  Youth in Adult Basic and Literacy Education Programs. ERIC Digest. 

ED478950  Employment of People with Disabilities. ERIC Digest.  

ED479074 Inducting School Leaders. ERIC Digest.

ED479182  Back to the Agora: Workable Solutions for Small Urban School Facilities. ERIC Digest.  

ED479235  State Standards for Civic Education. ERIC Digest.  

ED479236  Teaching about the Louisiana Purchase. ERIC Digest.  

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