2005/7/31 -- List of 24 ERIC Digests

Document Name Document Title 

ED481716. Cognitive Science and Assessment. ERIC Digest.

ED482324. Building a Native Teaching Force: Important Considerations. ERIC Digest. 

ED482323. Resource Allocation in Rural and Small Schools. ERIC Digest. 

ED482322. The Use of Academic Achievement Tests and Measurements with American Indian and Alaska Native Students. ERIC Digest. 

ED482270. Costs of Matrix Sampling of Test Items. ERIC Digest.

ED482269. Assessing Student Engagement Rates. ERIC Digest.

ED482049. Puede afectar la instruccion en musica el desarrollo cognitivo de los ninos? ERIC Digest.

ED481816. Portfolio Development for Teacher Candidates. ERIC Digest.

ED481815. High School Report Cards. ERIC Digest.

ED481715. Developing Classroom Performance Assessments and Scoring Rubrics - Part II. ERIC Digest. 

ED481714. Developing Classroom Performance Assessments and Scoring Rubrics - Part I. ERIC Digest. 

ED481472. Five Important Test Interpretation Skills for School Counselors. ERIC Digest. 

ED480468. Homeschooling and Higher Education. ERIC Digest.

ED480467. College Student Records: Legal Issues, Privacy, and Security Concerns. ERIC Digest. 

ED480466. Campus Child Care Centers. ERIC Digest. 

ED480237. Reflection as a Critical Component of the Technology Adoption Process. ERIC Digest. 

ED480236. Selecting Media for Distance Education. ERIC Digest.

ED479844. Stimulating Growth and Renewal of Public Libraries: The Natural Life Cycle as Framework. ERIC Digest.

ED479843. Investing in Technology: The Payoff in Student Learning. ERIC Digest.

ED479832. Building Leadership Skills in Middle School Girls through Interscholastic Athletics. ERIC Digest.

ED479358. Journal Writing in Experiential Education: Possibilities, Problems, and Recommendations. ERIC Digest.

ED479355. Helping Students Cope with Test Anxiety. ERIC Digest.

ED479354. Multiracial Students: What School Counselors Need To Know. ERIC Digest.

ED479353. Try Harder? Motivational Effects of Effort Attributional Feedback. ERIC Digest.

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